Balanced Bombshells™ Mentorship Program

I feel you boo - you just need an accountability partner to take your mind and body to the next level. You've been working hard on all your health and fitness goals. Together, we'll get to the root of what's blocking you from looking and feeling your best. You'll learn the concepts of women's health, how to live, eat and exercise for your monthly cycle, and effortlessly see the results you've longed for. And if you're an inspiring or established health coach, how to apply them into your business.

Balanced Bombshells™ Group Coaching


Want to meet other like-minded, health conscious and fitness inspired bombshells struggling with their monthly cycle? Our fun-filled group training will include a private Facebook group to connect and share your experiences with. You'll also gain step-by-step guidance on women's health and food/fitness/lifestyle strategies that work best for YOU!

Balanced Bombshells™ Seaside Retreats

Gather your best lady friends for a luxurious seaside retreat where we'll indulge in ALL the self-care activities. We're talking spa treatments, fitness classes, meditation, hiking, and hearing from industry leaders on women's health and wellness tips to master your life. Champagne and Kombucha are already chilling for you :)

Hello bombshell! I'm Laura Charelle - your new Women's Health & Wellness Strategist.

My mission is to teach you how to live, eat, and exercise for your monthly cycle. In doing so, you'll learn how to manipulate your hormones for the mind and body you want!

Women are feeling stuck in their bodies and pressures from their full life. With so many things to do each day, we've lost touch with how our body truly functions. And no one actually taught us how!

Until now :)

Lacking knowledge on your hormones, monthly cycle, and how your body was designed to operate is leaving you feeling bloated, stressed, tired, and with a lackluster complexion, PMS, digestive issues, and so much more (no bombshell wants this!)

You deserve more!

That's why I'm here --> to turn you into a Balanced Bombshell™!

We've been taught it's normal to experience bloating, cramps, acne, feel low energy and depressed moods each month, just because we're women and have a period. All of these symptoms are signs that you're struggling with a hormonal imbalance. These symptoms are common, but NOT normal! Then society taught us to put pep in our step with endless caffeine, calm ourselves down with all those girly wine nights, and use medication to mask our symptoms. It's up to us to question and challenge the status quo, and demand more - from ourselves, the products we use and the food we consume, to societal expectations and what our daily habits are.

In our time together, I'll teach you how your unique female body operates, how to use it to your advantage, and just how to reverse these symptoms. Balancing your mind and body is your foundation to a happy and joyful life. 

I'm just a small town girl from Massachusetts who dared to dream big. And I love all things related to health, fitness, wellness, the ocean and empowering women.

Beginning my career in the fast-paced world of New York City, I sought more balance and sunshine. So I made the leap to move 3,000 miles West to my dream state of California. Landing in the San Francisco area, it was site unseen, I knew two people and was jobless. It was one of the most exhilarating and scary times of my life! And the payoff has been worth the risk. (More fun facts here!)

Today, I have the pleasure of connecting with women like you who intuitively know something is off internally. Your body already knows and is just looking for the right answers :)  I also have the pleasure of mentoring other aspiring and established health, wellness and fitness coaches on how to incorporate women's health into their business so they can get the best results for their female clients. We aren't mini men - we are women!